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SOlar Panel protection tips
Tips to protect your solar panel from Pests and Birds
November 7, 2020

Nature has a gift and magic (power) called self-lives generation. For years, we have seen evolution in human beings and other creatures whether they are flying animals or birds, underwater living insects or fishes, etc.

All are gifted and have unique habitual behaviour and life cycle. Talking about sustainable energy life, they are miserable and protracted.

We are talking about technology invasion, sun-accredited energy technology called solar panels.

Solar panels and creatures like pests and birds have correlation in solar panels infrastructure. According to science, solar panels life may get reduced if attacked by birds or some disease carrying pests.

But how does it happen? Keep reading!

Why are birds attracted to solar panels?

It’s not obvious that birds tend to make their nest on trees or some local place. But did you know that birds are highly attracted to solar panels and make nests on them?

Consider science and logic, it happened because of ‘polarised light’. Polarized light waves are light waves in which the vibrations occur in a single plane. And the same polarised light emitted from solar panels that attract the birds and their insect prey.

Also, there are different reasons, it could be that solar panels offer shelter – they provide shelter and nesting grounds.

The impact of birds on solar power system

There is no good reason to allow birds to make nests or shelter on solar panels. Although, it surprisingly decreases the life of solar panels. In simple words, birds ridiculously impact your solar panels, even destroy solar infrastructure (solar power systems) which cost you high, if thinking repair.

Birds often cause extensive damage to solar infrastructure, including the cabling/wiring and the PV panels themselves.

So, the impact of birds on the solar power system is straight-forward not a good sign.

In case, your solar panels were attacked by some nasty birds and looking for suggestions to how to remove or prevent coming again and again. Here’s the tips from the solar experts.

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Tips to protect your solar panel from Pests and Birds

How to protect your sustainable solar panel from pest birds?

Remember, the tips written here are impactful and successful considering residential solar panels point-of-view to save from birds making nests or bird drops.

#1 – Keep Everything Clean

To protect your solar panels from birds, you must clean the panels around once a year like we usually do with our home when Diwali nearly comes. And this you could do it yourself or choose a professional Solar Company in Prayagraj.

#2 – Use Fake Birds of Prey

Not so popular, but still work in protecting residential solar panels from birds is to use falcons and fake birds scarer. This method of scaring birds is fantastic; it’s humane and cost-effective. If birds are already present, then the fake birds of prey will not work.

#3 – Protect with Mesh

This is the most efficient and cost-affordable for humans to deal with bird nests. Method of applying is to fix mesh around the sides of the residential panels. This simple, less hectic and satisfying method to keep all birds from your residential solar panels, protecting your investment from damage – is great!

#4 – Spikes

The most popular and enrich method to keep birds from nesting or drooping is by use of spikes.

“A bird control spike, also known as an anti-roosting spike or roost modification, is a device consisting of long, needle-like rods used for bird control” – wikipedia.

You can easily find bird control spikes on shopping websites and can easily install. This can also install on solar inverters, batteries, rack systems including solar panels.

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Summing Up

That’s all…! Overall the best method to prevent birds nesting is by use of stainless steel bird spikes. Although, the other options or tips on protecting solar panels from birds will also work well.

But remember, the birds control strategies will only work best when solar panels are first installed – or before pest birds arrive.

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