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net metering in uttar pradesh
What is the process of net metering in uttar pradesh
July 18, 2020

Net metering is a new kind of energy that provides electricity owners with the opportunity to gain extra revenue by selling excess produced energy by the solar panel system.

Solar power systems are varied in connection – (i) On-Grid Connection and (ii) Off-Grid Connection.

The homeowners and entrepreneurs are eligible to take advantage of net-metering only with the on-grid tired system.

Talking about the power tariffs in Uttar Pradesh is higher in amount when compared to the other states of India.

Precisely, in order to boost the usage of on-grid rooftop solar systems by energy consumers, the state of UP leveraged a friendly solar net-metering policy in March 2015. Since now most of the states of India are now offering net-metering advantages to the consumers.

How Solar Net-Metering works?

The working of net-metering starts when solar energy is consumed by the house, building, or commercial. In simple language, in grid-connected Solar PV systems, the DC output generated by the solar panels is converted into AC (alternating current) output by a solar inverter. This output, from the solar inverter, is called solar energy.

Here is the best part, if the generated solar energy is more than what the connected loads in the building or home consume, the surplus (remaining) solar energy is automatically exported to the DISCOM’s distribution network with the help of a two-way meter.

net metering for Existing electricity connection


Electricity connection with solar net metering


Electricity Bill with Solar net-metering

Well, the consumers of uttar pradesh have to only pay for the difference in energy inflow and the energy outflow. Hence lead the energy owner to save bills on electricity.

Based on the last year survey it was recorded that 50% of homeowners accredited with rooftop solar panels with on-grid connection saved 5-8% on monthly electricity bills. Thus, you can imagine how much expenses can be saved in a year or life time.

Who can benefit from Net-Metering?

The answer is anyone…! The solar net-metering advantages offered by Uttar Pradesh are available to individual or residential energy consumers, to industries or commercial establishments or to government owned buildings.

Whether you are in Noida, Lucknow, Meerut, Kanpur, Allahabad, Ghaziabad, Kanpur or Prayagraj any other city/ town in Uttar Pradesh (UP) you can avail the benefit of Net-Metering.

How to apply for Net-Metering?

Looking to take advantage of net-metering in Uttar Pradesh. Here is the process of applying for net metering in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Make an application to the DISCOM along with the application fees.
  • Wait for the 30 days to complete the feasibility analysis for connecting the rooftop solar PV system.
  • Upon the receipt of approval, the consumer shall apply for registration by completing the registration form.
  • Then DISCOM shall within 15 days register the scheme and assign a registration number, in case the form has no deficiencies.
  • In the meantime, the DISCOM and the consumer must execute the interconnection agreement.


The energy generated by the on-grid solar panel system provides intuitive benefits such as reducing and cutting down electricity bills along with selling excessive energy features.

For solar energy installation in Uttar Pradesh, price, questions and query, contact Om Solar Solutions.

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