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Solar EPC Company in Allahabad
Tips to Choose Right Solar EPC Company in Allahabad
October 9, 2020

Do you know? The first solar panel was invented in 1941 and since that time till now, the past and present of solar energy has conventionally become the need and talk of the town for many homeowners, industries, and commercial premises.
There are many Solar EPC Company in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh providing reliable and pocket-friendly services along with integrated EPC. 

In the context of solar panel installation, the term EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) played an important role. These three components are essential well-connected pillars of a successful solar power plant.

Right from planning and brainstorming to the procurement and manufacturing of solar panels till construction and final installation – there EPC played a crucial role. 

EPC isn’t anything related to physical but it’s an process and management practice of the most Solar EPC Company in Allahabad that provides a one-stop solution for everything solar.

Whether you need civil construction and installation service or just looking for a manufacturing house, it’s the one-stop solution for your solar power needs. The one of the most advantages of EPC is that you don’t have to go to multiple vendors to assemble numerous components of a solar plant, EPC providers do that job for you.

As solar epc is highly intact to determine the lifespan of a solar project hence it is important for industries and owners to be very careful in choosing the right EPC provider, as it is a serious long term partnership of 25 years. 

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Parameters to choose the right solar EPC Company in Allahabad

Carefully read these various crucial criterion so you get knowledge about selecting the right one for you:

  • Equipment details – It is rigorously prime that solar epc companies should have intellectual as well as specification knowledge about the equipment and its components so that clients ask about the various resources could be answered in an accurate manner. 
  • Full-service solar solution provider – Please note that the chosen epc provider is well-efficient and provides you with a holistic solution for a solar power plant implementation. Must provide – site analysis, designing, project management, procurement, installation and commissioning.
  • Licensing and approvals – It’s the main subject to eye on. A solar EPC should arrange the license to install the PV system. Also, offer seamless simplicity and save you from the inconvenience of maintaining paperwork and get approval from the government.
  • Operation and maintenance – It’s a fact that most of the solar installation providers don’t offer operation and maintenance services. So. kindly make sure the EPC provides O&M services after installation of a project.
  • The credibility of the company – The courage of dealing with situational climate conditions shows the credibility and experience level of that company. So, a client should check the flexibility and credibility of the solar EPC.

Additional tips to consider while choosing an EPC

  • Never hire low-cost EPC services 
  • Check accreditation and certifications
  • Read case studies of the project completed
  • Try to find out how long solar EPC provider is
  • Give preference to integrated solar EPC

Om Solar Solutions – An Integrated Solar EPC Company in Prayagraj

Om Solar Solutions is an integrated Solar Installation company in Lucknow providing quality and niche tata power solar panels in prayagraj and other cities. They offer end-to-end rooftop solar installation services along with great efficiency and resource management planning.

Contact our solar expert for any business related work or solutions you need in Uttar Pradesh!

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