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Seven Key Things to Know Before Installing Solar Panels
7 Important things you should know before installing Rooftop solar system for home
April 19, 2021

Everyone says going solar is a big step…after installing a solar panel system…your life will change, you will feel differently and so much more.

Also, going solar means you would not have to rely on the electricity grid i.e you’re owner of your own electricity.

Moreover, you can make money by selling access generated electricity (through solar panels) to the electricity department which is called the Net Metering process.

Homes with solar panels enjoy different benefits from the houses who don’t have rooftop solar systems in Uttar Pradesh.

But, be careful, going solar is an expensive path!

And a lot of homework is required. This blog contains 7 important things you should know before installing a Rooftop solar system for home.


#1. Is your house suitable for solar?

Look for the following pinpoints to know whether your home is suitable for the solar system or not.

  • Minimal Shading – Obviously sun based boards don’t work extraordinarily in the shade. The more straightforward daylight, the better. 
  • Rooftop Direction – To benefit from introducing sun based boards, you ought to have a huge North-confronting rooftop (on the off chance that you live in Australia). East-West can likewise function admirably.


#2. How Much Will Solar Save You?

Considering a tariff for each unit of ₹5.50 (~$0.0739)/kWh, the close planetary system will actually want to create power adding up to roughly ₹3,300 /month. This sum can be more if the tariff in that area is more than ₹5.50 /kWh.


#3. Which Panels / Inverter Should You Buy?

This is very much crucial…!

Because the technology are various in solar panels and available in different ranges of efficiency.

Today, most sun based panels give an energy productivity rating somewhere in the range of 11 and 15 percent, which is the level of sun oriented energy that is being changed over into electricity power.

Here’s the tips that help you:

  • Choose a company which has been around a long time.
  • Get a few quotes and choose a reasonable price and a good product.
  • If you’re buying for a rental property, go for a cheap panel with good warranties.
  • Get a great product (panels, inverters) if living in a house for a long time.


#4. What Warranties Should You Get?

Warranties are important because they help you in compensation or get rewards against flaws. Look at some typical panel warranties:

  • 10 years (on the product – free from defects)
  • 15 years (on the performance of the panel @ 90% of its peak)
  • 25 years (on the performance of the panel @ 80% of its peak)


#5. What Price Should You Pay?

Solar panels product and Installation charges are both different and so costs differ. Eventually, you can only get a rough estimation. Look at the below table for reference.


Connection Type


Price Per Watt

On Grid Solar System

Rs. 1,80,000

Rs. 60

Off Grid Solar System

Rs. 2,40,000

Rs. 60

Hybrid Solar System

Rs. 2,70,000

Rs. 60

Get in touch with our expert to know solar quotes!


#6. Do Check For Any External Cause

It’s your duty to check for any external cause or difficulty. I mean check trees, shading on your property or other things that might be disturbing in installation. Check for DTH, vents, antennas, satellites, air conditioners as well.


#7. Do You Required Extra Power/Solar Batteries

Adding batteries to your solar panel system simply means you are adding more life to your solar investment. Batteries help charge solar panels in the period when there is no electricity occurring or your grid goes temporarily down.

Honestly, it depends on you, however, batteries cost a lot.


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Congrats! Now you know what prerequisite to follow before installing a solar panel system. This guise will also help you understand the benefits of going solar.

In case you have a plan to make your roof solar accredited, contact Om Solar Solutions to provide excellent domestic solar panel installation services in Uttar Pradesh.

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