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Tata Solar Panel Price in Allahabad
Tata Power Solar Panel – advantages, Price, and Dealers in Allahabad
October 4, 2020

Tata solar panels is one of the finest quality solar panels available in the market right now! Tata Power Solar is the leading solar panel and solar power products manufacturer of India engaged in solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) process and sets quality benchmark across every region by manufacturing and installing crystal-technology high-efficient solar panels to the various industrial and commercial rooftops.

Well, solar panels are a kind of sustainable technology that absorbs sunlight energy and produces electricity with the help of aside assets like inverters, batteries, nos system, etc. Also, solar energy is considered the most valuable source of renewable energy for the environment because of its zero prevention carbon-footprint.

Inviting such green energy into your shade-free area poaching your space with many successive advantages. It helps in reducing electricity bills, increasing land value property, and can also earn revenue by selling access energy to the electricity department.

Not only this, state and central government help via financial incentives for installing such clean and green energy into your home or premises.

In case, you are looking for tata solar panels for your residence, commercial premises, or other sector space – read this blog to know advantages, price, and dealer.

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Tata Power Solar Panel Features and Advantages

Tata solar panels are 30% more efficient in terms of productivity and durability. It uses the latest technology that helps solar cells to stay strong, eminent, and peak in all weather conditions. Also, it’s innovative solar cells and high efficient module featuring low-light performance and severe weather resilience, all-time.

In conclusion, it’s the best solar panel choice to install in your home.

Type of Module250W
Maximum Power250W
Tolerance∓ 3%
Open Circuit Voltage37.8V
Short Circuit Current8.7A
Maximum Power Voltage31.5V
Maximum Power Current7.94A
Module Efficiency15.3%
Solar Cell Efficiency17.2%
Series Fuse Rating15A
Terminal BoxIP65
Maximum System Voltage1000V DC
Operating Temperature-40℃ – 85℃
Dimensions1650mm x 992mm x 40mm

Advantages of tata solar panels:

  • More noteworthy energy created because of positive force resilience of up to 5W.
  • Unwavering quality under extraordinary climate conditions.
  • Fabricated in India utilizing a-list measures
  • TUV and UL affirmed Potential Induced Degradation free modules.
  • Significant serenity ensured by Tata Power Solar for a 25-year execution guarantee.

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Tata Solar Panel Price in Allahabad

Now everyone can and be ready to energize life with tata solar power! Investing in solar leads to potential revenue generation as well as great saving while protecting the environment.

Due to the latest decrease in the tata power solar panels, now everyone can and can utilize high-efficient tata solar panels into their space. In case you are absolutely looking for Tata solar panel price in Allahabad simply contact us and our solar expert will revert back you with solar quotes for 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 4KW, 5KW, 6KW, 8KW, and 10KW Tata solar power systems.

Best Tata Solar Panel Dealer in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Well, there are many versatile and reputed tata solar panel dealers in India and Om Solar Solutions is one of them – they are one of the authorized Tata Solar Panels dealers, suppliers, distributors, retailers in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. They fruitfully offer par excellent quality tata solar panels for rooftops for residence, industries, and other commercial premises.

In case seeking for tata solar panel installation in Allahabad, simply contact us, and our team will visit the site and do the follow-up in time.

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