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Switch To Environment Friendly Power With Om Solar Solutions
Switch To Environment Friendly Power With Om Solar Solutions


Energy sources (aka nature gifts) exist in different forms. Some subsist as stocks (exhaustible) others exist as flows (inexhaustible) and we (human beings) utilize our comforts for years making the environment unwholesome.

Talking about the first fossil fuel discovered in India is coal and petroleum which is now a considered and believed as huge potential business return and profits for the economy.

But, in reality, our reliance upon these fossil fuels negatively impacts the plant. Burning these fossil fuels increases the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released into the atmosphere, leading to a heightened greenhouse effect and warming of the earth.

With government positive efforts trying to reduce CO2 emissions through renewable sources of energy (such as those derived from wind, the sun and waves) are presenting themselves as viable, eco-friendly options to meet the world’s energy needs and significantly helpful in a metric way.

Renewable energy sources like “wind”, “sun”, and “waves” are viable and rich sources to improve the environment. So far, India is already in the position to use and utilize these renewable energies.

And according to the sources, Sun-accredited energy i.e. Solar Panels are a viable choice for Indians to use and nurture environment friendly.

Also, for years, the state and central government of India promoted and prioritized the domestic solar system in UP and all other states.


Advantages of Sun-Accredited Energy (Solar Panels)

In Uttar Pradesh, 60% homeowners are installed rooftop solar panels to take benefits and save electricity bills. Solar panels are easy to install and conveniently believed as pocket-friendly and secured investment.

Here are some major advantages you can avail while going solar:

  • Handsomely reduces electricity bills. 
  • Lead to eco-friendly power utilization.
  • Solar technology has diverse applications.
  • Low Maintenance Costs.
  •  Enjoy rebates and tax credit incentives.
  • Homeowners see increased resale value.
  • Reduces unemployment by creating jobs.
  • Sell excess electricity back to the power company.

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Why Choose Om Solar Solutions?

Om Solar Solutions is a leading and Best Solar Company in Uttar Pradesh, majorly deals in rooftop solar panels installation. In other words, working towards making India Green powering sustainable and eco-friendly energy to every home.

Om Solar Solutions is known widely for on-time delivery of solar products and systems with absolutely amazing installations with the coordination of expert teams.

Here are the significant reasons to consider Om Solar Solutions:

  1. Modern Customized Solutions: We provide our customers modern solutions shadow analytics 3D layout software based design we also provide custom systems to you so that you pay only for what you want.
  2. TATA Solar Panels: Om Solar is one of the authorized Tata Solar Panels dealers, Suppliers, Distributors, Retailers in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Get Details of Tata Solar Panel Prices before buying in Prayagraj.
  3. Best Quality and Price Assured: We provide tier-1 Solar modules with 25 years performance warranty at affordable rates we provide 97-99% efficiency solar inverter so you get maximum output for your solar system.
  4. Data Monitoring System: We provide our customer real time data updates and monitor solar system generation regularly so if any diagnoses are required we send our solar expert and solve them.
  5. Lifetime Customer Support: We provide our customers lifetime support and service feel free to get in touch anytime with us at: +91 9919990944, 9919990945


In the end, thanks for reading this blog…! GO SOLAR, GO GREEN


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