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Subsidy Scheme for Solar Rooftop PV Systems in Uttar Pradesh
Subsidy Scheme for Solar Rooftop PV Systems in Uttar Pradesh
June 11, 2020

In the recent solar subsidy update brought by the central government as well as State Nodal Agencies has introduced major aggressive incentives and attractive subsidy schemes for rooftop PV system users. 

UP Government Subsidy Scheme for Rooftop Solar SystemRooftop PV system refers to the rooftop solar panel system comprising solar panel size, inverters, and batteries along with a rack system. By installing a solar rooftop system, solar owners can generate their own energy and use it for different purposes. 

However, the cost of rooftop solar installation in Lucknow is high but certainly, considering and availing government schemes the cost by far comes to little. Hence, it helps you to invest in solar sound fully.

Talking about solar energy subsidy is an appreciation amount given by the central and SNAs to solar panel users who installed renewable energy into their place. The power generated by solar energy could be used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Let’s have a look at the new coming Government subsidy scheme.

Government Subsidy Scheme for Rooftop Solar System

The updated subsidy scheme is much better than older one and comes with better saving options for people looking for solar installation in 2020. Also, this encourages people to exploit renewable energy devastatingly. 

Usually, the subsidy is realized on the number of KW installed. Thus, the total cost, contribution, and saving could be different. 

To understand the better view of the picture! Look at the table below.


S.No.No. of KW InstallationTotal 


Central Govt. Cont.State Govt. Cont.Sum Cont.Consumer Cost


As you can see in the table, the total cost of 1KW solar panel installation worth Rs. 76000 will only cost consumers Rs. 7800 after the summing the subsidy contribution provided by central and state government Rs. 30200. 

Well, you must know that the subsidy scheme to exploit is limited. These schemes are applicable to institutional, residential, and social sectors. Moreover, it is not applicable to the commercial sector, industrial sector, and public sector undertakings.

Steps for Application Process for the Scheme

Government Subsidy Scheme for Rooftop Solar System

How could you avail these subsidy is a common question you must be thinking right now. Let’s have a look at the steps for the application process for the scheme to enjoy benefits. 

  1. Contact your electricity provider to express your interest.
  2. They will explain the necessary details for installation along with cost and fee. Or, may you also contact a solar company in Uttar Pradesh for the solar installation.
  3. Call again to the electricity provider for inspection after the completion of the installation process. 
  4. Next, the official will inspect the installation and give their approval for assisting subsidy.
  5. Hence, the customer can avail of the subsidy amount.

Supplementary Perks Offered by the Government for Installing a Rooftop PV System

However, the government prompts people to use sun-accredited energy due to heterogeneous reasons. There are various other benefits by installing a rooftop solar system leaving subsidy at one side. 

  • Interested rooftop PV installation person can avail priority sector loans of up to 10 lac from nationalized banks. 
  • Consumers will receive Rs 2 per unit of electricity generated. 
  • Furthermore, people can sell the excess of electricity generated by the solar panel system. 

In the end, solar energy is great alternative energy to think about installing in your home to cut electricity bills and avail subsidy benefits. So, Install rooftop PV systems and be proud of your own energy. 

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