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Solar System for Healthcare Industry
The Ultimate advice about Solar System for Healthcare Industry
August 19, 2020

After the industrial sector, the healthcare services record maximum energy intensive sector accounting for about 51% of the total energy consumption.

Due to an increase in the number of cases, pandemic like COVID-19 and others are much likely to increase the consumption of vaccine, treatment, and electricity.

Healthcare sectors varied in sizes (small and large) and functions such as public hospitals, private hospitals, small dispensaries, etc are witness in the consumption of high-altitude energy.

As we know, electricity is the nervous part of any healthcare management structure facilitated in operations, analytics, observations, treatment, management, running of assets, and more. Hence, it’s become necessary for continuous supply of electricity in such sectors.

Speaking further, in the light of the government initiative, there is a propelling agenda for the healthcare sector. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has signed an MoU with CEEW to launch the ‘Initiative on Solar for Healthcare’.

This initiative will bring fatigue opportunity in healthcare and may enhance in delivering effective treatments.

Here are some major statistics about solar energy in healthcare:

  • Previously, without solar systems, PHCs receiving less than 20 hours of power supply daily, when utilizing solar-powered PHCs admitted 60% more energy production which facilitated in quality treatment.
  • Moreover, 90% of the PHCs with solar power systems reported extreme saving on their energy expenditure.
  • According to the research, it has found that 60% of healthcare services in Uttar Pradesh are powered by rooftop solar systems.
  • Due to this, increases in the investment of solar installation in Allahabad.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Panels in Healthcare Sector

Not only solar accredited hospitals enjoy independent solar generated energy, but significantly relish them with the following advantages.

  • It’s a fact that hospitals are among the greatest energy consumers. Having rooftop solar PV systems, undoubtedly they can use clean, reliable, and green energy all-time at a cost-effective way.
  • This sector required a continuous and high amount of energy all-time i.e. regularly which is indeed their solar energy once again proving its benefits. For running basic equipment like fans, light, refrigerators, and air conditioning systems or operating surgical and other critical medical devices, solar energy is capable of these, effectively.
  • Considering government schemes for solar energy, different types of financial incentives are available in the nation, state, and local levels by which hospitals and other healthcare facilities can avail by installing solar panels.

How Does Solar Energy Play An Important Role In Medical Management?

While enabling the whole premises with a solar power system, sub-abundant energy greatly plays a crucial role in medical management as well.

There is a direct relation between the supply of necessary medical supplies with the solar generated energy.

Let me understand you in simple abbreviation…!

Before giving medicine or suggesting an accurate treatment facility, the research and analytics department thoroughly investigates the situation. Then the report is to travel to the different departments and once finalized, the medical department is clear to offer the necessary required medicine assets to the particulars.

In between all of this right from analytics and research to the reporting and medical treatment management, a continuous supply of electricity is needed.

Hence, solar energy gives you regular supplement of energy in required form.

In The End

It’s advisable for all healthcare premises to have solar systems on their roof…! In case you are looking for the same. Contact the best solar company in Lucknow for complete solar solutions.

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