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solar panel shading
What are the effects of shading on solar panels and how do you avoid it?
April 12, 2021

Many of you know the basic requirement of solar PV systems, for those who don’t know – solar PV systems work at its efficiency in the direct sunlight i.e. no shade area.

You must have no shaded rooftop or either covered by any sort of element that develops shade to the solar panel. 

It is simple, shade is the enemy of solar!

Even a small amount of shade on solar cells generated from trees, roof ventilators or antennas will have an impact on the output of a panel. Ultimately reduces the efficiency of solar output.


What is the effect of shadowing in the solar PV system?

Solar pv system is responsible for generating electricity from the raw sunlight particles referred to as Photon. Such rays impact the solar cell to absorb sun energy and further convert into electricity for consumption usage.

In the middle of this process, if a small amount of shade occurs, then it disturbs the whole process and thoroughly affects the system and causes concealed damage.

Let’s look at some following points that state what happens if or when a small amount of shade goes over the solar panels.

  • Shading one cell reduces the output of the whole string of cells or modules.
  • Overabundance power from the unshaded cells is dispersed in the shaded cell.
  • Bypass diodes seclude the shaded cell.
  • Reduce power output by over 75%.

Yes, it’s true shading just 1/36 of the cells can reduce power output by 75%. The complete detail has been scripted in the book of “Renewable Energy and Efficient Electric Power Systems” by Stanford University’s Gil Masters.


Which solar panel works best in shade?

What kind of solar panels work against or in shade criteria?

Well, with the constant research by the scientist, now there are solar panels available in the market that are licensed and sold by Solar EPC Company with regard to overcoming the shading problems.

Sun based panels with micro inverters are best prepared to battle conceal issues in light of the fact that each sun based board has an individual microinverter in it. In the event that one board is totally concealed, it won’t affect the others.


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How To Avoid Shading Problems?

If consider the above feasible solution is well concerned here and ultimately solves the situation of shading problems.

1) Micro Inverters solar panels best stand against shade problems. It’s magnificent structural design with pre-installed inverters save your solar panels and investment instantly.

2) Buying twin design solar panels is a new concept technology that will be launched in 2021. They are different from standard solar panels since standard solar panels are 6 feet, it is divided into 3-3 feet design.

Twin design solar panel

The one of the biggest advantages of installing such a solar system is that it ensures durability and reduces the installation cost.

3) At last, during Installation, it is very advantageous to check for the shadows and the prospects of them later on. Installers should deal with the situation according to the shadowing. A planned installation leads to eliminating such a type of problem.


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