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Solar Panel Installation Guide
Solar Guide: Things To Do And Prepare For a Solar Installation at Your Residence
August 25, 2020

Solar panels produce clean, renewable, and zero carbon emission energy all-time and are eco-friendly. 

Solar panels for home is a free from electricity billing decision for homeowners. Solar energy for residence brings many intuitive benefits such as reducing paying monthly bills, increasing the land value, income from selling ideal units, etc. 

Hence, installing a solar energy system at your home is an effortless method to stop paying for electricity. Also, you can become energy independent by producing your own energy. 

Whether you off-set and consider solar panels to save money, going solar, help to make India green or other reason. The government has made several schemes to compensate homeowners with rooftop solar panels. You can get benefits from a solar subsidy scheme to encourage solar installation. 

Solar Panel Installation Guide

Today in this blog, I will discuss some major tasks to follow and prepare yourself before installing solar energy on your roof. 

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1. How Much Capacity of Electricity You Want?

The solar panel installation process starts with the idea of taking consideration for solar energy. The first and foremost thing you will decide is how much electricity your home needs ‘over-all’. 

For a rough idea, a solar panel installed in 100sq ft. generates 1Kw energy. That much energy will be good enough to run the AC for 4-5 hours. In case, your watt consumption is more than 1000 watt then simply you can go for 2Kw solar panel system. Simply analyse your watt consumption and select the solar panel particularly. 

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2. Consider Your Roof Face The Right Direction

Eventually, the most solar panels work best if they are installed on your roof at north facing ‘if possible’. Although, to make solar panels worthwhile and effective, you have to give a shade-free area or a place where direct sunlight touches your roof. It helps solar panels to produce energy more effectively. 

3. Decide Whether You’d Like to Install Batteries

Well, there is an impressive part…! Solar panel connections are of three types ‘on-gird’, ‘off-grid’, and ‘hybrid’. Particularly, these connections have their own characteristics of energy procurement. Adding batteries to your solar panel system simply means you are adding more life to your solar investment. Batteries help charging solar panels in the period when there is no electricity occurring or your grid goes temporarily down. 

In lucknow, uttar pradesh most homeowners prefer on-grid connection. But, Om Solar Solutions recommend installing a hybrid kind-of solar panels system for twofold benefits. 

4. Check for Any External Cause

It’s your duty to check for any external cause or difficulty. I mean check trees, shading on your property or other things that might be disturb in installation. Check for DTH, vents, antennas, satellites, air conditioners, etc. 

5. Understand the Available Incentives

Well, there are manifold incentives offered by our local authorities. Before installing a solar, check for rebates you will get. The most widely available incentive is the 26% solar investment tax credit. In addition, there are many incentives available to you on a state, utility, or local level. Hence, do your research!

Contact Om Solar Solutions

After reading this blog, you are thinking of installing solar panels on your home then contact the best solar company in Allahabad, Om Solar that has long experience in the solar industry. 

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