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Solar Guide: Does Solar Panel Size Matter? How to choose a more efficient Panel ?
Solar Guide: Does Solar Panel Size Matter?
May 30, 2020

In choosing and installing a solar panel system – size always being matter! It’s because of the variation of the consumption in solar energy and the solar cells.

Solar panels consist of solar cells that connect in a definite pattern and connect through a silver wire. This is because silver is the best conductor of electricity. 

When thinking of installing solar panels for home as compared to the commercial site, you will find differences in solar panels. Their sizes are unlike. 

PV cells come in a standard size of 156mm by 156mm (approx 6 inches long and 6 inches wide). 

When it comes to home solar panel installation, most solar panels for rooftop are made up of combine 60 solar Photovoltaic cells. 

On the other hand, commercial solar panel installation is 72 cells and sometimes can go up to 98>100. 

Solar Panel Size Comparison

Advantages of bigger solar panels:

‘Big always wins’ – heard of it…! Exactly anticipated in solar panels, this sounds similar here. 

Having big solar panels can produce high sun power and can deliver more electricity. Generally, commercial sites such as manufacturing industries and other large open-landed sites install big size solar systems, surely unlike residential solar systems. 

Doing so has a good reason. Out of many, one popular is to consume more electricity to procure non-stop. And the rest is the following.

  • You get a slightly better Watts per m²
  • Slightly reduces the installation time 
  • Store, convert and produce large sun-accredit energy
  • Larger panels tend to be newer stock than the older panels
  • Notably, reduce the cost of a solar panel system

Drastically big solar panels offer handsome advantages but have some disadvantages as follows. 

  • Difficult in installation and measure
  • Heavier and potentially more dangerous to install on a roof
  • If one fails expediently cost high to replace

It was a spotlight question last year that off grid and on grid solar power systems does make any differences in the choice of solar panel size. 

However, it is myth…! And there is no relation with solar panel size. These are just connection types that people want to use electricity in what form considering the circumstance in mind. 

Apart from solar panel size matter, one thing is crucially important and that is to choose more efficient panels. 

Efficient Photovoltaic cells ensure high electricity and lon-operating cycles. Nowadays, every major brand highly focuses on EPC and I&C services that ultimately make solar panels efficient. 

In today’s market, most solar panels are b/w 15% to 20% efficient and their efficiency significantly based on the types of solar panels. 

Commonly there are two major solar panel types we could see in India. One is Mono-crystalline solar panels and second is Poly-crystalline solar panels. 


Let’s study their efficiency here…! 

A) Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels

Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels

  1. Average efficiency range: 16% – 20%
  2. Cell manufacturing process: Wafers cut from blocks of highly pure silicon crystals
  3. Odds: high efficiency and reliable performance in high temperatures and shaded conditions

B) Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels

Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels

  1. Average efficiency range: 15% – 18%
  2. Cell manufacturing process: Fragments of multiple silicon crystals
  3. Odds: less expensive and most commonly used solar panels, globally

If you’re confused about what solar panel is best suitable for your area. Take our consultation for free from a leading solar energy company in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. 

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