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Solar Energy System for Factory
Solar Energy System for Factory: Do solar panels make sense for manufacturing?
September 29, 2020

In India, manufacturing and processing industries are the true witness of mass energy consumption due to their mass scale and high volume of processes centralized in one location. 

In other words, unlike industries like garment processing, dairy production, medicine manufacturing and others are using high dosage of electricity and heat energy, the process and function carried out there is all dependent and contrast on energy. Thus, almost every minor to major function and objective are energy dependent.

Generally, compared to solar-enabled homes to solar-installed factories typically energy utilize are higher. Thus, there is a big space-shift in billing and payment as well. 

Thus, here, solar PV helps industry-owner or may factories to not only abate your diesel power bills, and in some cases even reduce grid consumption depending on your power tariff. 

Also, industry owners can sell excess energy generated by the solar panels to the energy department which is also a cost-saving and revenue-generating way. 

Today, in this blog we will discuss the importance and advantages of having a solar energy system for factories along with constraints to follow if someone is looking for solar installation in a factory. 

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Reason to Use Solar For Factories

As we know that a serious multi-level of process goes under one-roof so thus energy generated by solar panels is distributed for various significant work operations. 

Generally the typical electric loads in a factory includes Fans and Pumps, Manufacturing Machinery (varies based on factory), Lighting, Processing Equipment (welding, etc.), Motors, Air Compressors, Air Conditioners, Computers, Refrigeration, Other electrical equipment.

But these are common, the main and prime reason for installing solar panels or solar energy systems at manufacturing and processing premises is because of these two following reasons.

  • Use of solar PV panels to meet the electricity requirements of the factory 
  • Employment of a solar thermal system to satisfy the heat required for the factory.

Advantages of Having Solar PV In Industry

Industrial solar photovoltaic panels are proven straight-forward very helpful in eliminating big billing expenses for various industries. In current year 2020, Om Solar Solutions installed more than 100Kw solar power system in various regions of Uttar Pradesh. 

Being a leading solar service provider in Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, and Prayagraj – we have provided and helped small and medium scale industry owners to sustain green energy. 

The sustainable energy help them to enjoy with following benefits: 

  • Energy Security: The foremost benefits of installing solar panels for factories is that helping owners to utilize energy without worry to pay at higher scale and security as well. 


  • Cost-Effective: Compare grid connection to solar pv hybrid connection certainly electricity generated from solar on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid connection looked more cost effective.


  • Reliable Operations: The energy generated from solar panels can be utilized for any purpose in a day, there is no such time restriction or a uncertainty of energy-loss.


  • Minimal Maintenance: It is said that solar panels have 25 years of operating life cycle and in-between that no maintenance or negligible manual requirement is necessary if any. 


  • Flexible Decision Making: At last, energy spawn using sustainable technology and its features enables industry owners to readily focus on their operations without worry of energy outage or breach. Thus ultimately lead to transparent and flexible decision making.

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Constraints To Look On

It is a general talk that solar panels need shade-free area and obstacle-free space for solar panel installation in factory or industry premises. Beside this, there are various constraints to look on. 

  • Rooftop space
  • Rood type
  • Infirm power
  • Load shedding time
  • Inverter weight

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Solar energy generated through solar panels are considered green energy, emission free, and eco-friendly. Thus anyone can leverage these benefits and avail subsidy for solar panel installation

In the end, solar pv for industries are in good pace and in coming years its dawn will also increase. Thus, we only suggest and recommend to you that if you have industry or engage in manufacturing functions there solar can be really fruitful. 

Want to install a solar power plant? Talk to experts at Om Solar Solutions. 

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