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Solar Company in Allahabad

Om Solar
Solar Company in Allahabad
Om Solar Solutions is a solar energy company in Allahabad, dealing in solar power distribution, rooftop solar PV installation, ground mounted solar panel installation and others. We are a trusted and most reliable solar company in Allahabad. Abundant hundreds of industries, buildings, and other commercials with alternate energy solutions in Uttar Pradesh.
Allahabad Solar Company

Solar Panel Company in Allahabad

Solar panel is one of the best, safe and reliable ways to generate electricity for residential and commercial use. We are a dedicated solar company involved in marketing, sales, and servicing of solar energy-based products and solar systems in Allahabad.

If you’re looking for a solar panel in Allahabad we can help you make your home enabled with a rooftop solar PV system. Our solar experts not only specialize in I&C but also have a grasp of EPC services. With us you can leverage the best solar experience and can become an independent solar owner of your home.

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Contact us today

Best Solar Installer in Allahabad

At Om Solar, we have experts, streakhold innovators and working staff that hold potential to make India green using the solar power system and that our aim we work for! We established with one goal and dream. The goal is to reduce the electricity and increase the facilities to tap the ultimate energy of the sun.

We provide modern customized solutions, foolproof data monitoring system, best quality and price assured, and life time customer support which made us a reputable Allahabad solar company.

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Cost of Solar Panels in Varanasi

Solar Panel Price and Cost in Allahabad

Solar panels are available in different forms and can be categorized on the basis of various parameters like the number of junctions they have. Thus, the price varies according to the single junction and multi-junction as it focuses on the material and efficiency they hold. The solar panel price in Allahabad is based on the efficiency of types of solar panel i.e. Monocrystalline solar panels and Polycrystalline solar panels.

If you need high-end performing solar panels for your home, industries, or others. Of all panels types, monocrystalline solar panels are the best choice since they are made out of the highest-grade silicon.

In case you need to know solar panel cost in Allahabad, try our intelligent solar calculator software or contact our solar expert.

Get Expert Advice
Get Expert Advice
Why choose us

Why choose us as the best solar company in Allahabad

‘Right from absolute installation services to the customer satisfaction, we are your reliable partner due to following’
Request for Solar
Request for Solar
Modern Customized Solutions
Due to everyday increases in demand and solutions of the people, we provide modern customized solutions to them in proper circumstances for great solar power solutions.
Best Quality and Price Assured
We provide tier-1 Solar modules with 25 years performance warranty at affordable rates we provide 97-99% efficiency solar inverter so you get maximum output for your solar system.
Data Monitoring System
We provide our customer real time data updates and monitor solar system generation regularly so if any diagnoses are required we send our solar expert and solve them.
Life-Time Customer Support
We provide our customers lifetime support and service feel free to get in touch anytime with us at [+91 8433 3321 19].
Turnkey Solar Energy Services To Everyone
‘We offer our clients a wide range of services to facilitate solar project construction, help in reduce electricity bills, invoke green energy to nature, and more’
Rooftop Solar panel installation in Allahabad
Om Solar, leading integrated solar partner and player offers quality rooftop solar panel installation service in Allahabad. We are experts in all-type mounted solar panels for roofs.
Solar Panel for Home in Allahabad
Integrate solar home system in Allahabad with OmSolar expertise. Experience your rooftop capabilities while converting your home rooftop into an electricity generated solar panel.
Commercial Solar Panel Services in Allahabad
Are you hedge against utility costs? With high return on investment and saving on operational cost, solar ensures a secure financial future for business owners. Get solar for commercial and industries, today.
Allahabad Solar Installer & EPC
We are best in deploying world-class technology to design, install, and commission solar projects in Allahabad. Experience the best EPC service with Om Solar engineers.
Eco-Friendly Solutions
Solar panels use sun energy which reflects clean and renewable energy and benefits the environment. Often, it does not contain any carbon footprint.
Layman Concept Design
The design, cut, and handcraft of solar panels is based on a layman concept that means anyone can use it and can benefit.

I like the service provided by this company. It is really awesome. Team is doing great. I highly recommend this place to everyone. Good support and maintenance.

Shanu KatiyarLucknow

I am really satisfied by the services of Om Solar Solution’s company. Thanks for providing me best solar panels which were electricity efficient.

Rishab KashyapKanpur

Om Solar Solutions service is very good because when my system not working Om Solar’s team came into time and fixed my problem.

Utkarsh YadavRafiabad