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guide to solar carport
Guide To Solar Carports: Residential Solar Carport Benefits + Cost
June 22, 2021

Parking areas are the most helpful space considered by homeowners as it quickly helps withstand and manage uncertain stuff at will.

Indeed, parking spaces are utilized for car parking or other vehicles storage for long-time.

With the increase in the motor-industry, the need for smart parking rises at glance! Today, India has nearly 100+ crore smart parking facilities inveterate across different states.

Nearly 45% parking areas are solar accredited or you can say converted into solar carports.

For homeowners, essentially looking for covered parking ideas or the way to reduce the biggest monthly expenses, a solar carport could be the answer.


What is Solar Carport?

In simple words, Solar carports are ground-mounted canopy constructions that stretch out over your car parking spaces.

Making solar carports requires analytical skills and deep-through knowledge of architecture. Solar carports include supporting structures such as stands, wiring, cables, etc along with chosen solar panel technologies, inverter and batteries (if needed).

One of the major benefits of installing solar carports is getting free electricity by harnessing energy from the sun while keeping cars and other vehicles safely and shade-free.


Benefits of Solar Accredited Carport At Home

Installing solar carports for converting your parking area into solar accredited space would help you enjoy these following benefits:

  • Financial benefit, reduced energy bills and government subsidy.
  • Adds capacity for onsite generation if roofs are unusable.
  • Reduced CO2 output, enhances your CSR and green credentials.
  • Leads to efficient use of space.
  • Highly reduce parking lot maintenance.


Over-lifting above benefits, a homeowner can also protect  vehicles from sun to prevent overheating, and it protects vehicles from rain and snow.


The Key Components of a Solar Carport

If you’re looking to install solar carport in your parking space, then you should consider it’s key components.

solar carport for home

The Size of the Carport

Deciding the size of your garage will require a harmony between establishment cost, accessible space, and how much power you’d have the option to create. You’ll likewise have to consider the number of boards wide your garage sunlight based exhibits will be.


How Much Space Needed

When working with a sun powered installer on the plan of your solar carport, you’ll need to consider how much space exists underneath the boards. The leeway of the parking space design should be sufficiently high to permit vehicles and other gear to pass openly under.


Decking Structure

A sun based board covering can help safeguard vehicles and individuals from the components, from the preparing sun to rain and snow. Notwithstanding, to really secure those under, you’ll need to introduce your parking space framework with decking.


Snow Guards

If you live in an area where snow is expected in the winter, you’ll need to think about installing snow guards on your solar carport. Why? As it accumulates on your solar panels which then restrict producing efficient energy.



Lighting can be introduced under the carport to guard the stopping regions brilliantly. This is particularly significant in the event that you introduce a bigger sun powered garage framework that may cover at least two lines of parking spots.


Solar Panels

Most people forget this part, but it is essential to decide what solar panel to buy and what technology. Currently, you have three greatest solar panels types – monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.


Ask our solar expert which solar panel types are efficient and good for overall solar carport performance.


How much does a solar carport cost In Uttar Pradesh?

Coming to the flip side of this blog i.e. how much should a homeowner have to pay for installing a solar carport?

You find it interesting…!

According to common beliefs and multiple trust-sources, Solar carports cost about INR 180 per watt with average prices ranging from INR160 per watt to INR 200 per watt in India.


Summing Up

Solar carports are a good way to make parking areas a rich and efficient space. Also, with this, you don’t need to install solar panels on your rooftop additionally.

Notwithstanding parking alternatives, there will likewise be a lot more choices to make with respect to different components of your solar panel system.

Om Solar Solutions strongly suggest solar carports seekers to once get in touch with our solar expert team to ensure create the perfect solar system for your needs.

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