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Top 9 Solar Battery Companies in India 2021
Top 9 Solar Battery Companies in India 2021
March 31, 2021

Solar batteries work as an assistance to power electricity in time of outage. Generally, solar batteries incorporate a battery that stores energy from a solar PV system.

Off-grid solar power systems use solar batteries due to the nature of connection. These batteries are responsible to store energy generated by the solar pv models until their need arises.

Mostly, healthcare or industries prefer such types of connection due to continuous power requirements.

And now homeowners are also looking forward to installing solar batteries in the solar panel system because of multiple benefits offered.


Types of Solar Batteries Available in the Market

Currently, with the on-going technology, we have three types of solar powered batteries which we can easily buy and install with the help of any solar panel dealer in Allahabad.

  1. Lead Acid: Lead corrosive batteries are the most widely recognized sunlight based batteries. They have anodes which are lattices of metallic lead containing lead oxides. The synthesis, made by lead oxides, helps in charging and releasing this battery.
  2. Solar Battery: Sun oriented batteries utilize three terminals, while typical batteries utilize just two anodes. Sun oriented batteries are expensive contrasted with ordinary batteries, however they are valuable for support and dependable. The ordinary life expectancy of sun based batteries is additionally 5 to 15 years.
  3. Lithium: In this sort of battery, terminals are made of lightweight lithium and carbon. Lithium batteries consist of a few cells. Lithium batteries can be utilized serenely instead of lead-corrosive batteries in light of the fact that the charging voltages of both are practically something very similar.


What are the differences among Normal Battery, Solar Battery & Lithium Battery?

Some of the basic difference between these three batteries have been mentioned in the tabular format:



Normal Battery

Solar Battery

Lithium Battery





Charging Time

Min. 20 hours

Min. 10 hours

Min. 2 or 3 hours

Backup Time

3 – 5 hours

20% more

40% more


3 – 5 years

8 – 10 years

Up to 15 years


Reasonable price

High price

Much Expensive


Top 9 Solar Battery Companies (Brands) in India 2021

The fact is the solar energy sector is large, and so there are various private, publics, merged groups, and independent solar companies that deal in solar batteries, varying in size and capital.

Here presenting the list of top nine solar batteries companies and manufacturers in India in 2021.

1. Liv-Gaurd


With a striking vision and premonition for the developing energy arrangements industry, today the brand brags of an unimaginable tradition of 30 years. Controlled by enthusiasm and fuelled by advancement, Livguard has set up itself as a solid part in the energy arrangement space in India.

Location Based: Gurgaon, Haryana

Manufacturing line: Automotive Battery, Inverter Battery, & Solar Battery

Product Range: Automotive Battery (35 Ah to 65 Ah), Inverter Battery (150 Ah to 200 Ah), and  Solar Battery (40 Ah to 200 Ah)


2. V-Guard


V-Guard is a Kerala (South India) base organization which got the base in 1977. This organization does the majority of its assembling work in India as it were. It’s settlement is in Kochi. This organization has in excess of 500 merchants and 30000 retailers all over India.

Location Based: Kochi, Kerala

Manufacture: Inverter Battery

Product Range: 150 Ah to 200 Ah


3. Luminous


Luminous Power Technology is around 30 years of age and confided in brands nearby ​​Home Base Electrical and Solar things. Their sun oriented batteries are known for long force reinforcement and long life. Luminous had given guarantee on its sunlight based battery as long as 5 years.

Location Based: Gurgaon, Haryana

Manufacture: Inverter Battery, Solar Battery, Automotive Battery

Product Range: Inverter Battery (80Ah to 220Ah), Solar Battery (20Ah to 200Ah), Automotive Battery (35Ah to 65Ah)


4. Exide


Exide Industries Limited is one of the most seasoned and reliable brands in the country. It is a Kolkata based organization. Their sun oriented batteries are known for quick charging proficiency, low pace of self-releasing. Exide had given guarantee on its sun oriented battery as long as 5 years.

Location Based: Kolkata, West Bengal

Manufacture: Industrial Battery, Automotive Battery, Solar Battery, Lithium Battery, Inverter Battery, Genset Battery, and Submarine Battery

Product Range: 20 Ah to 300 Ah


5. Okaya


Okaya Power Group was set up in 1991, is the one of most seasoned assembling brands in the public and worldwide leading business sector. It delivers pretty much every sun oriented related item. The strength of these sun based batteries is that it functions admirably in any event, when part of the way charged.

Location Based: Delhi

Manufacture: Inverter Battery, SMF/VRLA Battery, Automotive Battery, Solar Battery, E-Rickshaw Battery, and Lithium Battery

Product Range: 20 Ah to 200 Ah


6. Amaron


Amaron Batteries is a joint endeavor of Amra Raja Batteries and Johnson Controls, which has been fabricating these batteries since 1979. These sun based batteries are known to function admirably in their day by day charge and release measure, their plan, long working hours and incomplete charge. Amaron had given guarantee on its sun oriented battery as long as 5 years.

Location Based: Hyderabad, Telangana

Manufacture: Standby Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Battery, Car Batteries, and Inverter Battery

Product Range: 35 Ah to 100 Ah


7. HBL Power


The name of HBL Power Systems Limited has been remembered for the rundown of significant Indian organizations since 1977. They are contributing a great deal in the sun based field. The forte of these sun based batteries is to be harmless to the ecosystem, guarantee a steady presentation and be watertight. HBL had given guarantee on its sun oriented battery as long as 5 years.

Location Based: Hyderabad, Telangana

Manufacture: Lead Acid Batteries, Nickel-Cadmium Batteries, Specialized Defense Batteries

Product Range: 7 Ah to 200 Ah


8. Base Battery


Base Batteries is an Indian organization shaped in Karnataka in 1979. Its base camp is in Bangalore, situated in Karnataka. They have a gigantic commitment in the field of sun based energy. Their sun based batteries are known for quick charging productivity, low pace of self-release. Base batteries had given guarantee on its sun oriented battery as long as 5 years.

Location Based: Bangalore, Karnataka

Manufacture: Two – Wheelers, Automotive, Solar, Inverters, Generator, UPS for both Home and Industrial usage

Product Range: 2.5 Ah to 200 Ah


9. Eastman


Eastman Auto and Power Limited is an Indian base organization that has been adding to the power business for as long as 47 years. The mechanical production line of this organization is in Ludhiana. Their sun oriented batteries are known for low support, contamination free technique. Low self-releases method and long life. Eastman gives as long as five years guarantee on its sun powered battery.

Location Based: Gurgaon, Haryana

Manufacture: Tubular Conventional Batteries, Tubular Gel Battery, VRLA Battery, and Solar Battery

Product Range: 180 Ah to 250 Ah


Summing Up

After reading this blog, I am certain that you have chosen a good backup and long life expectancy battery for your home. However, in case, looking for installation of solar batteries, you can do so at an affordable price via contacting Om Solar Solutions marvel in installation and management of all kinds of solar batteries in Uttar Pradesh.


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