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Rooftop Solar system at factory
Ultimate guide about rooftop Solar system at factory
May 23, 2020


After the industrial revolution period, rapid growth has to be seen in the industry sectors deals in manufacturing, assembling, packing, repairing, maintaining, testing, processing, and storing. Continuous recording of growth has helped our economic growth to rise and improve from earlier times.

Although with great success, also a great amount of energy is used by the industries due to large scale structure and processing functions. Thus, to deliver such aggressive heat and power to industries – a solar power system or solar power for factories came into the scenario.

In the 20th century, 60% of manufacturing industries from unlike sectors (automobiles, food processing, pulp, and paper, etc) used rooftop solar photovoltaic systems to meet the necessary requirements i.e. power. Due to a reduction in solar energy cost, the installation of rooftop solar systems increased by 40% and many solar energy company in Lucknow and different states are investing in solar.

Scope of Solar Energy In 2020 For Industries

India being a tropical country and receives solar radiation almost throughout the year for 300 days. Solar energy is never apart for a second to utilize in the spotlight. Here are some major scopes that have been entitled to solar power for factories.

  • Large operation scale factories can use solar PV systems at a reduced cost for cutting operating costs at high.
  • Factories having rooftop ideals can utilize that space with solar energy solutions.
  • Several friendly schemes have been initiatives by the Indian government aimed at the improvement of the generation as well as the adoption of solar energy.

Hence, solar power for factories is the ultimate solution to cut operational costs and provide a saving opportunity, increased revenue and growth, and more.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar PV For Factories

Industrial rooftop Photovoltaic systems are available in different designs and functions and efficiently good for unlike rooftop structures like a flat roof, pitched or shed roof, and half barrel roof.

These types of solar rooftop systems share common benefits. Let’s have a look…!

Endorse Self Consumption and Reduce Electricity Cost

It’s often true that an immense and continuous level of power is associated with factories which result in paying a good amount of electricity bills by the industry owner. The energy produced by the Solar PV System can be used by the company for its own consumption. Hence, it endorses self-consumption.

Factory Can Earn Money From Electricity Sales

The power created by the photovoltaic system can be offered to the national power matrix and upgraded by the principles of the power market. Hence, it enables cash inflow and support in some minor operations.

Added Value and Green Image Benediction

Surely the industrial rooftop PV system is an attractive low-risk investment option and long term return which ultimately adds value, proposition, and green image to the company. It also increases the real estate value (price) of the property.

Overall, solar power for industries is a meaningful option to consider.

Step By Step Guide To Installing Rooftop Solar System At Factory

Now let’s discuss how to install solar panels. Look at these very simple and easy to understand guides.

  1. Solar Panel Rack System Installation
  2. Assembly of Solar Panels
  3. Analyzing and Performing Electrical Wiring
  4. Connection between Solar Panel and Solar Inverter
  5. Connection between Solar Inverter and Solar Battery
  6. Connection between Solar Inverter and Grid
  7. At last, checking, testing, and confirming

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