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Recent Solar Projects Done by Om Solar System in UP
August 31, 2020

In the standing light of renewable energy, Om Solar is proud to announce its 10KW Rooftop Solar Power Project at Omaxe city, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. 

The Om Solar Team are happy once again while lifting hope of cleaner and sustainable future with another rooftop solar panel installation in Lucknow

The pictures here show a glimpse of a work being undertaken from the commencement to the final commissioning of the different projects. It’s a fragile kind project in Lucknow where the power produced by the system will be used for residential purposes.

Recent Solar System Installed in UP by Om Solar System

6 Kw Solar Power Plant installed by om solar in Lucknow

5Kw Domestic Rooftop Solar Plant Installation

  • Name: Mr.Rajesh Shrivastava
  • Location: Indra Nagar, Lucknow
  • Capacity: 5Kw
4 Kw On grid Site in Prayagraj

4 Kw On grid Site in Prayagraj

  • Name: Mr.Kamal krishan
  • Type: Domestic Rooftop
  • Location: Prayagraj
  • Capacity: 5Kw


10Kw On Grid Plant With Monocrystalline

  • Name: Major Gen.P.K.Singh
  • Location: Omaxe city Lucknow with Polycab Solar Inverter
  • Capacity: 10Kw
6 Kw Solar Power Plant installed by om solar in lucknow

6 Kw Solar Power Plant

  • Name: Mrs.Rekha Prakash
  • Type: Domestic Rooftop
  • Location: Lucknow
  • Capacity: 6Kw
<!-- design 2 end --!> Also, look at the solar site installation glimpse…! Read More: Difference Between on grid and off grid system   Benefits    Prompt values and good quality services is our prime moto! Here, we did the same, and this time with extra efforts and care implementation due to COVID-19 pandemic.    The project with on-grid solar panel installation is readily set to benchmark for remit following advantages.   
  1. The prime advantage is that reducing in carbon footprints and lead to #makingindagreen
  2. It will lead them purposely to utilize sun-accredited energy. 
  3. Firmly helping to kiss the power bill to say goodbye.
  Feedback At last, after successful completion of the project, we gratitude return a good, sober, and aesthetic feedback from our customer. And their happy faces showing their willingness and compliments towards us.  Want to save our earth? Want to use cleaner, sustainable, and greener energy? There is no better thing than solar panels. Think Solar! Save the Future!  Looking for the best solar installation company, contact us! Read More: Om Solar Solutions: Making India Green

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