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on gird vs off grid solar panel system benefits
On-Grid vs Off Grid – Which Solar System is better?
March 11, 2021

Solar System Overview

Solar technology and its advancement take us to new heights. In India, now homeowners and commercial business people understand the importance of solar energy and solar panel systems. 

With constant effort and moralization detonated by the government and state authorities towards solar subsidy and schemes, people frequently move to the solar installation company in Kanpur and add green energy.

Those who don’t know the solar power system are of two-type in terms of connection.

  1. Off Grid Connection
  2. On Grid Connection

In this blog, we will discuss both screen differences and conclude which one is the best option to install on your rooftop.


On-Grid Solar System Explained

A Solar Power System that is  connected  to the  utility  grid  (electricity pole) is called  on-grid connection. This means the solar system component  is connected  to the outside electric grid. Generally, this kind of connection  is most preferable  by the local consumers due to government subsidies advantages and net metering offerings.

How it works:

Compared to off-grid systems, the on-grid solar power system works straightforwardly using a solar power system and is directly connected to the utility power grid (to the electricity pole). The on-grid solar power system comprises minimalist elements such as solar panel, wiring kit, inverter, rack system and electric pole.

how on grid or grid tie solar power system work

The one of the biggest advantages of installing such a type of connection is that electricity generated by these systems sends excess power to the utility grid and consumers get compensated for the extra power fed back.


Off-Grid Solar System Explained

A solar system connection that is not connected with a utility grid  (electric  pole) is called off grid connection. Generally, this type of connection is performing better than on-grid because it allows you to totally go off the grid and prompt to utilize solar generated energy all-time.

How it works:

The off-grid solar power system is not connected to the electric pole and thus needs battery storage. It mostly works similar to an on-grid connection structure but instead of backing energy to electric poles it stores power in battery storage and accesses the energy in time of power outage.

how off grid solar systems work

The on-grid solar power system comprises supplementary elements such as solar panel, wiring kit, rack system, inverter, and battery storage.

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Major Differences Between Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar System Connection

  • Off grid connections type gives you utmost access to electricity as compared  to on grid  connection.
  • Off grid connections give you advantages  to save extra energy-generated  using batteries  and storage facilities which fall in an on-grid system.
  • When electric grid power goes down, your on-grid solar connection will  disturbed but off-grid connection remain in working condition.
  • Off-grid connection facilitates you to pay no monthly or yearly bills as  compared to on-grid  connection.


Conclusion: Which Is A Better Option!

With no if and but, off-grid solar power system is a better option and assists in backing with extra power during power outage or electricity breach. While on the other hand, on-grid solar power systems work efficiently and less expensive.

Om Solar Solutions advice to switch to solar energy with off-grid connection if your family is big or frequent power needs all-day. Otherwise, an on-grid solar system is quite lucrative and economical.

Contact us to know more about solar panel cost, availability, and installation procedure.


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