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Solar Panel Installation Cost in India in 2021
How much does Solar Panel Installation Cost in India, 2021
February 11, 2021

2020 was a painstaking year for the entire country. As pandemic throttles every sector, likely rising the inflation ‘price’ on every product and services as well.

But, it was solar energy that doesn’t affect and superemly consider natural energy by human and scientist, the solar panel installation remains unchanged post and pre lockdown condition.

In case you’re looking to install a solar panel in 2021 in India, here’s the summary with major details you need to eye on such as cost and other things associated with it.

What is a Solar Energy System?

Sun powered Energy System comprises 4 primary segments that choose the working of a sun oriented energy framework.

  • Sunlight based Panel 
  • Sunlight based Inverter 
  • Sunlight based Battery 
  • Board Stand, and 
  • Sunlight based Panel Installation Accessories

Sunlight based Energy Systems are of various kinds and can be utilized according to your necessities and area. The 2 kinds of Solar Energy System are: 

  1. Sun powered Panel with Battery (Off Grid Solar System) 
  2. Sunlight based Panel without Battery (On Grid Solar System)

Note: Setting up a effective solar system in your area, you would be required to purchase the following items:

No.1 – Solar Panel

Solar panels are the main component in this process. The solar cells present in the solar panel soak up the sun rays (until the direct sunlight comes).

No.2 – Solar Inverter

Solar inverter

The holding sun energy also known as Direct Current (DC) is converting into Alternate Current (AC) using Solar Inverter.

No.3 – Solar Battery

Solar Battery

Solar battery is the power storing component that stores electricity and runs loads as the grid powers off.

No.4 – Solar Charger Controller

Solar Charger Controller

Solar Charge Controller acts as a converter that converts a normal inverter into the solar inverter.

No.5 – Panel Rack Stand

Solar Panel Stand

Panel stand or Solar panel rack system plays a role of supporting the solar panel at a niche direction so the maximum efficiency can be performed.

No.6 – ACDB


The job of ACDB is to protect solar inverters from the AC current side. Generally it is used with a grid-tie solar inverter.

No.7 – DCDB

DCDB box grande

The job of DCDB is to protect solar inverters from the DC current side. It’s used in both off-grid and on-grid systems.

No.8 – DC Wire

DC wire

Support in the flow if Direct Current to its destination and should be in PVC pipe.

No.9 – AC Wire

AC Electric Power Cable

AC Wire is used for connection inverters with grid power and home loads.

No.10 – MC 4 Connectors

mc4 connector

It is used to connect DC wire with solar panels.

No.11 – Earthing Kit

earthing kit grande

This toolkit is needed when installation is done in 6ft to 10ft. 1kW to 3kW: It is done with 2 earthing. Above 3kW: It is supported by 3 earthing.


Solar Panel Installation Cost in India, 2021

Standard rate of solar panel installation is approx. Rs. 7 per watt. The further quotation can be described as:


System Size Cost per Watt (as per Rs.7/-)




















Contact Om Solar Solutions to get the exacting estimation quotation as per need!


Scope of Solar Installers

We ensure a healthy installation for our clients. We will assist in the following processes:

  1. Panel Connection
  2. Civil Work
  3. Panel Wiring
  4. Battery Connection
  5. Inverter On
  6. Earthing Kit Installation


Are There Any Additional Charges To Pay?

The customers are needed to pay certain extra charges for the installation process. This might be from Rs. 1500 to 2000 for inward wiring association. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is Rs. 10,000 every year for each kilowatt.


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In The End

Solar Panel Installation in Lucknow – Om Solar Solutions gives various Solar Energy Systems with a wide assortment of items. For appropriate Installation of Solar energy framework, it is important to contact an accomplished installer and get all the fundamental items.

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