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Everything You Need To Know About Solar EPC
September 14, 2020

The term ‘EPC’ is associated with a solar plant or solar system. As the solar system comprises various technological and artificial assets (solar panels, inverters, batteries, wiring, etc) that help in producing the electricity for various consumption alternatives, there, EPC plays a big role.

Due to the rising potential and perks offered by the solar system has resulted in a large number of organisations and people venturing into solar business.

Saying truly, India has a huge solar potential and which are utilizing impersonality rightly and thus making a solar company or solar installation service providers successful.

Well, there are many companies selling solar products or providing installation and Solar EPC services, clearly and wisely, some core to solar products selling and some stick to proving behind and after solar workshops i.e. EPC

Today, we will gently discuss everything about EPC, suggesting some clues, what EPC means and benefits of it. Perhaps you are looking to hire solar EPC providers then what to keep in mind and much more.

Keep reading…!

What is EPC? And it’s Advantages

In general terms EPC stands for three words – Engineering, Procurement and Construction. All have their prescribed characteristics and show their functionality as towards solar panels and installation.

In the industrial choral, EPC term is used for providing end-to-end solar services from designing the system, procuring the components and finally installing the project.

And you won’t believe the best of EPC is that it is following the systematic approach of work-flow. This is because the solar installation process is simple but the involvement of technical tasks makes it complex. Thus the process needs to be executed with care.

Let’s read about them in detail…!

Engineering (E): It’s the very first stage of the EPC process where the process involves understanding the surface from scratch. This includes a study of the client’s requirements, surveying the site, monitoring the weather over the site, structural design and determining the power generation capacity.

Once the above process is done in an appropriate manner, the selection of the equipment, engineering design and 3D modelling of the proposed solar power plant is carried out.

Procurement (P): Here it is related to the task of acquaintance and assembling of respective products of solar. Solar EPC companies procure equipment and parts from local and global manufacturers such as inverters, solar panels, batteries, mounting structures and safety equipment.

Stated in clear vocal, this process is tedious because the job is to procure the right material and equipment having congenial quality. Also, this frees the client from the hassle of finding the right supplier.

Construction (C): Coming to the end of the process, this is associated with solar power plant construction and deals with everything W-I-P involving mounting solar panels, accessories, grid/off-grid connectivity along with solar energy supply to the client’s existing power supply system.


The example of ‘C’ could be the on-site solar installation at home or industry. The engineer walks to your home for solar panel installation on the rooftop as part of the EPC.

Deliverables of a Good EPC Company

While India has more than half of local solar panel suppliers and dealers there could be large variation in terms of deliverability or saying the level of services.

Here are some major pinpoints that you could expect to get from a good EPC company:

  • Site survey
  • Solar financing
  • After-sales service
  • Installation of solar power plant
  • Help in availing solar subsidy schemes
  • Government approvals for solar installation
  • Sourcing and purchase of all solar equipment
  • Solar power plant installation capacity calculation & design

Checklist to Consider Before Hiring a Solar EPC Company in India

The exception of having a good-quality or finest level of solar plant or solar system installed at your site is readily and significantly accomplice of a good solar EPC company.

Thus, it’s advisable to hire a solar EPC company while keeping in mind the following considerations.

  1. Equipment details
  2. Full-service solar solutions provider
  3. Licensing and approval
  4. Operations and Maintenance
  5. Reviews and Recommendations

Om Solar Solutions is highly advisable clients before you hire an EPC company ask in your community and start the conversation before you get started

Coming to the end of the notes, Om Solar Solutions is the finest leader in providing the magnificent solar EPC services in Uttar Pradesh. Having a long-foot experience in this industry, we are committed to enlightening India – Making India Green.

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