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Difference Between on grid and off grid system
Difference Between On Grid and Off Grid System
July 10, 2020

Ground mount vs. roof mount, polycrystalline panels vs. monocrystalline panels, off-grid vs. on-grid these are common questions battles that most people get confused with. Like solar panels are different in types, design, and efficiency. Similarly, solar power system connections as well.

There are basically two types of connections that readily go for residential, commercial, and others – Off-grid and On-grid.

And choosing the right solar system connection between grid-tired and off grid tired for home is quite difficult. But readily beneficial.

Both types of connection provide seamless benefits, high performance, and both lead you to save electricity bills.

Then, what’s the advantages and differences between these two.

In this blog we will look for the same. Continue reading…!

On-Grid Solar System

A Solar Power System that is connected to the utility grid (electricity grid) is called on-grid connection. This means the solar system component is connected to the outside electric grid. Generally, this kind of connection is most preferable by the local consumers due to government subsidies advantages and net metering offerings.

On Grid Solar SystemAdvantages of On-Grid Solartype of connections are:

  • Less Costly than Off-grid system
  • Save your electricity bills up to 100%
  • Eligible for up to 70% government subsidy on solar
  • ROI in 3-5 years, life 25-30 years

Disadvantages of such type of connections are:

  • No power produce if grid connection goes down
  • You’re not completely independent from the grid

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Off-Grid Solar System

A solar system connection that is not connected with a utility grid (electric grid) is called off-grid connection. Generally, this type of connection is performing better than on-grid because it allows you to totally go off the grid and prompt to utilize solar-generated energy all-time.

Off Grid Solar SystemAdvantages of such type of connections are:

  • Avoid Power Outages
  • Reduce Electricity Costs
  • Easy To Install compared to on grid connection
  • ROI in 3-5 years, life 25-30 years

Disadvantages of such type of connections are:

  • They are more costly
  • Not work without batteries

Major Differences Between Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar System Connection

Have a look at these quick rocket-speed snippets to better understand about these two types of solar connections.

  • Off grid connections type gives you utmost access to electricity as compared to on grid connection.
  • Off grid connections give you advantages to save extra energy-generated using batteries and storage facilities which fall in an on-grid system.
  • When electric grid power goes down, your on-grid solar connection will distubed but off-grid connection remain in working condition.
  • Off-grid connection facilitates you to pay no monthly or yearly bills as compared to on-grid connection.

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Conclusion: Which Is Better In 2020

To be honest and candid off-grid solar system type connection is better than on-grid connection. You will find many fruitful reasons up there. If you’re thinking about installing solar panels, and confused about what to choose in 2020, I strongly recommend you to opt for an off-grid system tired connection or choose Hybrid solar system connection.

In case you need any help regarding solar quotes, service availability, and others, contact Lucknow Solar Company.

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