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Cost of installing a solar power system in Kanpur, UP
Cost of installing a solar power system in Kanpur, UP
January 7, 2021

Kanpur, historically called Cawnpore, is a metropolis in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India carrying significant facts and out of many, it is famous for leather and textile industries. Hence widely regarded as the “Leather City of the World”

Apparently, on the flip side, the city is considered by the World Health Organization as the city with the world’s worst air pollution.

In order to prevent air pollution and other degradation activity in Kanpur the state of Uttar Pradesh and Central Government promote the use of renewable energy significance.

Talking about renewable energy, we here talk about solar energy with regard to solar panels.

In kanpur only 30% of homes are solar panel accredited, benefiting solar technology and contributing to building green environment.

Indeed, you need a solar power system in Kanpur. We have derived a comprehensive blog that answers your query.


Solar Panels and Its Compound

Solar panel system comprises a group of varying elements that assist in collecting, generating, and converting sun energy into electricity.

A common major element or assets you need to buy when installing a solar panel system on a rooftop in Kanpur.

No.1 – Solar Panel

Solar panels are the main component in this process. The solar cells present in the solar panel soak up the sun rays (until the direct sunlight comes).

No.2 – Solar Inverter

The holding sun energy also known as Direct Current (DC) is converting into Alternate Current (AC) using Solar Inverter.

No.3 – Solar Battery

Solar battery is the power storing component that stores electricity and runs loads as the grid powers off.

No.4 – Solar Charger Controller

Solar Charge Controller acts as a converter that converts a normal inverter into the solar inverter.

No.5 – Panel Rack Stand

Panel stand or Solar panel rack system plays a role of supporting the solar panel at a niche direction so the maximum efficiency can be performed.

No.6 – ACDB

The job of ACDB is to protect solar inverters from the AC current side. Generally it is used with a grid-tie solar inverter.

No.7 – DCDB

The job of DCDB is to protect solar inverters from the DC current side. It’s used in both off-grid and on-grid systems.

No.8 – DC Wire

Support in the flow if Direct Current to its destination and should be in PVC pipe.

No.9 – AC Wire

AC Wire is used for connection inverters with grid power.

No.10 – MC 4 Connectors

It is used to connect DC wire with solar panels.

No.11 – Earthing Kit

This toolkit is needed when installation is done in 6ft to 10ft. 1kW to 3kW: It is done with 2 earthing. Above 3kW: It is supported by 3 earthing.


Solar Panel Installation Cost in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Installing a solar panel system in Kanpur is easy and very few steps to go along with. After finding a reliable and experienced Solar Company in Kanpur there you need to consider the cost and price.

By contrast, here we have mentioned the scrap price (just for an estimation) to know the budget at fraction.

System Size

Cost per Watt (as per Rs.7) Cost per Watt (as per Rs.15)


₹7000 ₹15000








₹28000 ₹60000
5kW ₹35000


6kW ₹42000



₹49000 ₹105000
8kW ₹56000





10kW ₹70000


Note* The cost shown in the table is based on Uttar Pradesh current market rate.) Hence, the cost is may high and less as considering different states of India.

To know extract cost estimation with your requirement analysis, ring at +91 9919990945 or contact us.

Visit our shop: Ground floor-1 Om Kareshwar Dham, near OmKareshwar Mandir, Chappera Pulia, Kakadeo, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208024

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