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Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels

Solar panels are a kind of sun’s energy harnessing technology that recone to save electricity bills. 

Installing a solar pv system means bringing lifetime energy and cutting  down the huge billing expenses. 

Sure, solar panels are a big investment but it is worth the choice! 

Most solar accredited owners thought that installing solar panels was the first and the last job and after that they had to do nothing – but that’s not true. 

The ground rule to harness maximum solar energy is by keeping the solar panels- clean. This means solar panel maintenance is readily required. 

Now you must be thinking – how many times? 

In this blog, you will learn some cleaning and maintenance tips  for solar panels that lead you to take the effective actions or precautions in the right manner.

When and Why Required Maintenance of Solar Panels? 

I give you the simplest answer – like we all do regular dusting and cleaning our home to make it gem-free and make the house fresh for a long time. Similarly, cleaning solar panels ensures effective running for longtime. However,  its life span is nearly 20 to 25 years. 

Generally it is not mentioned in any book or law that defines the particular way to clean solar panels. But, Solar Company in Lucknow advises that cleaning and maintenance of solar panels once in a week is a good sign to make solar panels healthy i.e. make them efficient and effective. 

Five Effective Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels 

When it comes to cleaning the solar panels can be done via any mode of DIY tactics. But, solar panels maintenance required above-the-bar considerations.  

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for maintaining your solar panels efficiently:

No.1 – Periodic Inspection

Solar panels are placed on a specific location which results in being prone to damage or accumulation of waste particles. Keep inspecting your solar panels frequently. Inspect your solar panels during uncertain climatic changes as this helps you to secure (either in advance or in the time) the loss or damage that will occur.

No.2 – Taking Good Care of Solar Panels

Read the manual or instead ask the solar installer professionals on how to take good care of solar panels. Besides, here are some you can checklist. 

  • Keep them free of dust, dirt, leaves, and snow.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe the panels.
  • Avoid using detergent-based cleansers.
  • Alcohol mixed with water can take care of any oily residue or other hasty dirt.

No.3 – Ensure Availability of All Aspect of Solar Principle

One of the most important aspects that put solar panels into workability is sunlight. Particularly, sunlight is the ample need of solar panels to produce electricity. So, ensure ample sunlight is available at least 7 hours a day. 

No.4 – Examining the Components on a Regular Basis

Solar pv system comprises several solar components such as a solar panel, solar rack system, solar inverter, solar battery including wire, bolts, nuts, etc. Check for any signs of water damage, leaks, or drainage issues around the panels. Also look for missing bolts, broken glass, and frayed wiring.

No.5 – Keeping a Eye on Energy Usage

Many solar service providers in Kanpur offer data-monitoring solutions that help you to get every single notification or update about the solar panels system. Moreover, These monitoring systems usually provide output data on the website or the app of your smartphone.

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Time-Saving Guide For Solar Panel Cleaning 

Now look at some solar panel cleaning tips that rescue you from taking any residual actions. 

  • Clean sunlight based boards when they are damp or wet so any earth buildup that is stuck on them can be cleared off without any problem. 
  • Never utilize a grating wipe or cleanser for your sun powered board cleaning. 
  • Not to utilize cruel materials when cleaning sunlight based boards as they could cause harm. 
  • Utilize a since a long time ago dealt with wiper to clean the boards while you are remaining on the ground. 
  • Continuously keep an eye out for earth on the sunlight based boards to ensure it doesn’t develop.

In case you are stuck in the middle of a situation that can not be handled by you, simply call your solar service provider for instant assistance. 


Utilizing these preventative maintenance tips will go far towards the life span and productivity of your close solar panel system. 

Going solar is consistently an incredible alternative as it is spotless power, saves your power bill, and as a rule, it scarcely costs you a penny for support.

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