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Best Solar Energy Company in Lucknow
April 16, 2020

Lucknow is avowed as the ‘city of nawab’ and also the capital of Uttar Pradesh. The city is mainly notable with many auspicious things. Right from food and traditional culture to the energy contribution. The state is highly contributing in solar energy and is accredited in the top ten Indian states with largest solar power plants.

Beneficially, PM Narendra Modi has initiated Uttar Pradesh’s greatest sun based power plant in Mirzapur and apprentaly, in future, thinking to convert other cities as well. Some of them are included in the project are Kanpur, Allahabad, and Prayagraj.

So, yes, it’s good news for investors and solar company in Allahabad to join this initiative and empower cognitive sectors to benefit from solar power systems.

Stats: Solar Energy Scenario In (Lucknow) Uttar Pradesh

By and large, Lucknow gets a sun based light degree of around 4.62 kilowatt hours per square meter day by day.

Here are some more interesting stats you may love to see…!


  • Average daily system output in Lucknow: 22.032 kWh
  • Minimum daily (monthly average) system output: 10.908 kWh
  • Maximum daily (monthly average) solar output: 32.904 kWh
  • Average annual output of this system: 8043 kWh
  • Approximate value of this electricity annually: $2413

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Om Solar: Sun-Moon Power Accredited Solar Company in Lucknow

Solar Panel Company in LucknowWith the rapid depletion in fossil fuels and alpine impact on the environment. The energy demand is increased to sustain the natural resources and protect earth/ecosystem before it’s apocalypse. 

In salvage, OmSolar came forward and helped uncounted sectors and empowered many brands, business, industries, building, etc and became the first sun-moon accredited solar installation company in Lucknow. They also allow homeowners and entrepreneurs to calculate solar needs and save money on unsought expenses.

How Om Solar Integrates Solar Power With Award-Winning EPC Solution? 

Behind the successful installation of energy like rooftop solar panels and solar street light installation; an Engineering (E), Procurement (P), and Construction (C) are the core hand-support functions. 

At Om Solar, the redoes staff and champs engineers work steadily to increase quality of the products, magnify the strategy and approach, and help them to attain the trust of the people. Thus they are the leaders of a solar plant installation company in Lucknow

Om Solar Products and Services: Distributing Safe Energy and Minimizing Carbon Footprints

Unlike other solar panels brands, the OmSolar products come with more power saving options, delivering safe and reliable energy, and minimizing your carbon footprints. 


Om Solar Products and Services: 

  1. Solar Power System

A solar power system is a combination of multiple photovoltaic (PV) panels, a Dc to AC power converter (called inverter) and a rack system that holds the PV panels in place.

  1. Solar Combiner Box

The combiner box aims to bring the output of several solar strings together. The combiner box is a gadget that joins the yield of numerous strings of PV modules for association with the inverter.

  1. Solar Panel Junction Box

The solar panel junction box is the output metered interface of the solar module. It wires the four solar connectors together.

  1. Solar AC Distribution Box

The Sun based AC Distribution Board is the board utilized between a sun powered Inverter and Load to give over-burden and short out assurance. 

  1. Solar DC Distribution Box

The DC Distribution Box is utilized to give adaptability to the administrator of the sun powered force plant to disengage and associate both the internal sun based stockpile and battery. 

  1. Solar LED Street Lights

Sun oriented road lights are raised light sources which are controlled by sun powered boards commonly mounted on the lighting structure or coordinated into the post itself.

OmSolar: Happy Clients and Glossary

For us, our clients smile and their satisfaction is everything that matters most. To stand in this statement we do our best every time, we magnify our strategy everyday, and we reinforce skills every second to make those words true…! 

Have a look at some of our brilliant workforce results in great potential. 


What’s Next

‘Go Green, Go Solar’ is what your next step should be. With Om Solar resources and energy solutions you can avail uncounted benefits such as 25 years warranty, free consultancy, all-time support and more. Moreover, you can also get government awards and subsidy benefits while thinking to adopt solar solutions. 

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