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Om Solar Solutions: Making India Green! Benefits of Solar Energy ! Choosing us !
April 20, 2020

Since our inception, we have drastically focused on bringing green and  alternatives energy solutions, making people aware of alternative energy and empowering our nation with immense solar power plants. 

With due respect, we at Om Solar with our excellence manforce and mankind, we have walked so far, so obliged, and so dedicated to make those words true, we have made so much progress in the last five years. 

Providing solar solutions to industries varying sector to sector and make homeowners proud producers of their own electricity. We have achieved many compliments and awards, till now. Deals in solar Rooftop Solar plants, we are  solar plant installation company in Kanpur. Delighted, we have installed 450 solar projects in Uttar Pradesh in different states and cities with a great returns of customer satisfaction and many more.

About the Company 

Om Solar Solutions in LucknowOm Solar was established in 2016 and has over 90 locations in Kanpur, Lucknow, and Allahabad(Prayagraj). We are the best known in the market for reliable and cost-friendly solar companies in Uttar Pradesh. We do have expertise in LED Street Lights, Solar Hybrid Power Plant, Solar On-Grid Power Plant, Solar Off-grid power plant and more. We also provide all types of Boxes, stating: Combiner Box, Distribution Box and more.

Why Choose Om Solar? 

With love and greets of our customers, we carry our business with their smiles and hopes. Liking our efforts, our dedication, and our communication, actually, we build long relationships with customers and thus why we are the trusted brand in Uttar Pradesh. 

Thinking of us for solar panel installation in Kanpur? All right! We do that with care and cautions. Avail following exclusive advantages while going solar with Om Solar Solutions.

  •  Making India Green


While going solar, you already tune-in yourself into a green lifestyle environment. Due to the solar Approach, humans can save ecosystems and can bring balance once again. 

However, 1KW solar saves 154+ trees and prevents 20+ tons of CO2 emission. 

  • Government’s Subsidy

Government supports people who show mercy and understand the benefits of solar panels. Governments have various schemes related to create awareness and reward people while choosing solar for home. In Uttar Pradesh, homeowners can enjoy 30-50% solar subsidy as per government guidelines. 

  • Energy Independence

A home with a solar panel makes a huge difference to society. It changes people’s thoughts, encourages them to think, and raises awareness. Solar panels use sun energy to produce electricity which means it reduces your electricity bills for sure, at first. Second, going solar makes you a whole different person with others. When you Go Solar you produce your own electricity and make a difference with others.

  • Reduce Electricity Bills

As solar panels absorb the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells and stored into DC which convert further into energy to be run home appliances like T.V. Fridge, Microwave, Heater, etc. Actually, it saves electricity to run and give you an optimal electricity bill.

Off the chance, we also help you in saving the electricity bill up to 90 to 100% percent. To know how, contact us

  • Payback Period

Well, the payback period is slightly slower, instead of lesser. Investment in solar energy systems is considered a great choice with a slow payback period but high returns. 

With us, we have drafted a policy of 4-5 years quick return on investment with lots of several other benefits. 

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Solar Energy has a bright and lighter future in present times and will be enlightened in the coming days as well. So, if you’re thinking of installing a rooftop solar panel in Lucknow. Contact OmSolar Solutions for your solutions and experience the best installation service with us. 

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