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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar energy
Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy
June 29, 2020

Not only in India but global solar energy is one of the crucial power resources used to power fuel, electricity, and much more.

Evidentiary the presence of sun on the earth since a long time drastically helping industries, domestic and commercial to enjoy sun-accredited energy through solar power systems to operate various home appliances, machinery and tools, etc.

In the 21st century, the perception and economy of people and country has changed and boosted, respectively.

And now everyone understands its importance. In India, Uttar Pradesh is listed in the top solar state innovation by the national government.

And, ultimately you will find the best solar company in Uttar Pradesh and easily get an estimate for solar as well.

Solar energy has many intuitive advantages and negligible disadvantages which we will be going to discuss here. Keep reading…!

Pros of Solar Energy

Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy refers to solar energy which is sustainable and renewable as well and thus never expires like other natural resources. By installing a solar power system for home or industries, homeowners and entrepreneurs can enjoy life-time energy with little investment.

Moreover, solar energy consists of zero carbon footprint which means no harm to the environment and is also known as eco-friendly energy.

Reduces Electricity Bills

No doubt! Choosing rooftop solar systems with on-grid or off-grid tier connections both allow owners to cut major costs that occurred on electricity.

Recommend a solar panel in your home to create your own energy which is fully independent. It also removes you from bearing monthly aggressive costs on electricity and hence leads to saving on electricity bills.

Diverse Applications

In 2020 the application of the solar power system is not limited to only industries, hospitals, schools and colleges or other commercial buildings. Due to subsidy benefits and government support homeowners can also think about bringing solar energy into their roof.

Government has introduced an intimate subsidy for solar energy in Uttar Pradesh by which the people of the district can lower the cost of solar panels.

Low Maintenance Costs

When it comes to installing rooftop solar panels most of the people ask about their maintenance and associated cost. Let us tell you one thing.

The cost of maintaining a solar panels is little or non-considerable. You got a 25 years of long-lasing warranty of solar panels which lead you to no bearing of extra expenses on solar panels. However, in case, the cost is little.

Technology Development

We are familiar with how technology simplifies our lives and boosts the economy. Not only we see innovation in mobile industries or auto-mobiles but technology in the solar power industry is advancing and in the near future it is bright.

Moreover, innovation exploring in quantum physics and nanotechnology can potentially increase the effectiveness of solar panels.

Cons of Solar Energy

Weather Dependent

To generate energy from solar, the solar panel required the sun to initiate the process. It required clear and sunny free weather. In India, the productivity of solar panels in terms of generating energy in a year is higher than in other countries – reported by experts.

Required Shadow Free Space

It’s not technical, just a common intellectual. To make solar panels work efficiently the installation required shadow-free space, not once, for a long time. The reason is simple, enough open sun space makes a solar panel to absorb more energy and to produce energy effectively.


In the end, we will only suggest you think once for solar energy over wire electricity. By reading these benefits, we sure you’re looking for solar panel cost. Don’t worry, you can get a true solar estimate using our online solar cost calculator. Try now!

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