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6 Things to Consider Before You Decide to Go Solar
6 Things to Consider Before You Decide to Go Solar
November 24, 2020

Solar panels are helpful in decreasing electricity bills and even, when you’re lucky, ward-off your bills expenses completely. Here in India, 35% of residences are powered with solar panels, which is itself a great accomplishment.

In case you are up for adding green energy to your home and confused about where to start, here are the most common things to look for that we have mentioned in easy-to-understand language.

Read it and have any query feel free to ask our solar experts!

No.1 – Solar Technology

There are two sun oriented advancements to pick from, one is “photovoltaic”, which is utilized to transform daylight into power, and another is “thermal” which is utilized to warm water or air for use inside your home. In the event that you utilize a ton of energy for warming your home during winter or stay somewhere getting warming fuel is very costly and repetitive errand, a sun oriented warm speculation could bring help.Rooftop Inspection

No.2 – Rooftop Inspection

This is very wonderful. In the event that a rooftop is shrouded in shade consistently, at that point contributing on sun powered probably won’t legitimize the expenses of boards. On the off chance that you have a rooftop with appropriate daylight, ensure that it’s fit as a fiddle basically. Housetop Solar establishments accompany guarantees for 20 or 25 years nowadays.

No. 3 – Choose Between Solar Cell Efficiency

Commonly, a Solar board comprises around 36 and 72 Solar Cells and produces around 12 and 24 Volts. With one board, you can control – all fans or all lights or simply the kitchen. Start with an energy review and search for productivity updates before you draw up diagrams. Generally, 2/3BHK family unit utilizing an electric stove will require around 15,000 Watts of intensity consistently.

No.4 – How much to Spend?

Sun based force will without a doubt chop down your power bill, yet it requires introductory speculation and establishment charges. It is imperative to sort out how much your pocket permits you to spend on sunlight based and afterward plan on the application in a like manner.

No.5 – Solar Panels Types and Inverter

There are many solar panels brands out in the market, select the best in solar modular. I personally recommend you to choose Tata Solar Power Panels for your home as it is more efficient and effective in energy generation and long running. Always look for a brand which has been around a long time.

No.6 – Experienced Solar Company

You will find hundreds of reliable solar energy companies dealing in different segments such as EPC, solar installation, solar panel suppliers, and others. Here at Om Solar Solutions, we have done 100+ rooftop (on-grid/off-grid/hybrid) solar panel installation in lucknow, uttar pradesh. Contact our solar experts to get a reliable solution related to everything solar.

Hence, that’s all you need to look forward before even thinking of adding green energy! Have any query, feel free to ask us by writing your comments below.

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