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5kW Solar Panel Installation in Lucknow by Om Solar Solutions
5kW Grid-Tie Tata Solar Panel 335W Successful Installation in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
June 24, 2021

‘Thanks Mr. Hari Shankar for adding green energy from us with such gratitude behaviour and satisfaction’ – Om Solar Team

During the lockdown phase, one of the local residents living in Eldeco Udyan-1 Lucknow added sustainable, independent, and green energy at his home of a total 5kW solar power system.

Local residents adopt Grid-Tie Solar Power of Tata Solar Panel 335watt Polycrystalline technology and convert it into a smart energy rooftop. The installation process was carried by our great solar expert team and fellow staff which testimony our skills, hard work, and devotion perfectly.

5kW Grid-Tie Tata Solar Panel 335W

Goodwe 5 Kw Inverter


Additionally, the 5 kW solar panels are all set to assure that the electricity produced shall save 100 trees over its lifetime & reduce carbon footprint by 49.8 Tons.


5KW Solar Power Installation Features:

  • The installed capacity is set to embrace free independent electricity for more than 25 years. 
  • An ideal roof was converted and powered into a smart roof solution. 
  • The 5kW (5500VA) solar inverter is set to provide an effective home powered solution. 
  • In total 335 Watt (on-grid solar panel) is good to meet all-day running home appliances. 
  • It comes with 25 years of warranty period and life-time free maintenance function from Om Solar Solutions.


Besides, this on-grid Solar Power installed at the  house in Eldeco Udyan-1 Lucknow (UP) shall generate 80000+ units of electricity in its lifetime.

This is our one-more brighter step toward #MakingINDIAGREEN ~mission

We feel proud and our efforts that we take one more pledge step towards it. Sincere thanks to this local residence and hands-on clap to our workforce.

Want to convert your ideal rooftop space into a smart energy rooftop solution…Think Solar, Add Green Energy!

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