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10 Tips to choose right Solar EPC Company in India
10 Tips to choose right Solar EPC Company in India
February 8, 2021

What is EPC? Also, it’s Advantages 

All in all terms EPC represents three words – Engineering, Procurement and Construction. All have their recommended attributes and show their usefulness as towards sun based boards and establishment. 

In the mechanical choral, EPC term is utilized for giving start to finish sun powered administrations from planning the framework, getting the segments lastly introducing the venture. 

What’s more, you will have a hard time believing the most amazing aspect of EPC is that it is following the methodical methodology of the work process. This is on the grounds that the sun based establishment measure is straightforward however the inclusion of specialized undertakings makes it complex. Subsequently the interaction should be executed with care.

We should find out about them in detail… !

Designing/Engineering (E): It’s the absolute first phase of the EPC interaction where the cycle includes understanding the surface without any preparation. This incorporates an investigation of the customer’s necessities, reviewing the site, observing the climate over the site, foundational layout and deciding the force age limit.

When the above interaction is done in a suitable way, the determination of the hardware, designing plan and 3D demonstrating of the proposed sun based force plant is done.

Acquisition/Procurement (P): Here it is identified with the undertaking of colleagues and gathering of separate results of sunlight based. Sun based EPC organizations secure hardware and parts from nearby and worldwide makers, for example, inverters, sun oriented boards, batteries, mounting designs and wellbeing gear. 

Expressed in clear vocal, this interaction is repetitive in light of the fact that the work is to get the correct material and gear having suitable quality. Additionally, this liberates the customer from the problem of finding the correct provider.

Development/Construction (C): Coming to the furthest limit of the interaction, this is related with sunlight based force plant development and manages everything W-I-P including mounting sun oriented boards, embellishments, lattice/off-framework network alongside sun based energy supply to the customer’s current force supply framework.

The case of ‘C’ could be the on location sunlight based establishment at home or industry. The specialist strolls to your home for sun oriented board establishment on the housetop as a component of the EPC.


Expectations of a Good EPC Company

While India has the greater part of nearby sun oriented board providers and vendors there could be huge variety regarding deliverability or saying the degree of administrations.

Here are some significant pinpoints that you could hope to get from a decent EPC organization:

  • Site overview 
  • Sun oriented financing 
  • After-deals administration 
  • Establishment of sun oriented force plant 
  • Help in profiting sunlight based sponsorship plans 
  • Government endorsements for sun oriented establishment 
  • Sourcing and acquisition of all sunlight based gear 
  • Sun oriented force plant establishment limit computation and plan


Boundaries to pick the privilege sun oriented EPC

Painstakingly read these different pivotal rule so you get information about choosing the correct Solar EPC Company in Kanpur

>Equipment Description – It is thoroughly prime that sun based epc organizations ought to have scholarly just as particular information about the hardware and its segments so customers get some information about the different assets could be replied in an exact way.

>Full-administration sun oriented arrangement supplier – Please note that the picked epc supplier is well-proficient and furnishes you with an all encompassing answer for a sunlight based force plant execution. Should give – site examination, planning, project the executives, obtainment, establishment and charging.

>Permitting and endorsements – It’s the primary liable to eye on. A sun oriented EPC ought to organize the permit to introduce the PV framework. Additionally, offer consistent straightforwardness and save you from the burden of keeping up desk work and get endorsement from the public authority.

>Activity and support – It’s a reality that the vast majority of the sun powered establishment suppliers don’t offer activity and upkeep administrations. So. benevolently ensure the EPC gives O&M administrations after establishment of a task.

>The believability of the organization – The fortitude of managing situational environment conditions shows the validity and experience level of that organization. In this way, a customer should check the adaptability and validity of the sun powered EPC.

Extra tips to consider while picking an EPC –

  • Never employ ease EPC administrations 
  • Check accreditation and certificates 
  • Peruse contextual investigations of the venture finished 
  • Attempt to discover how long sun oriented EPC supplier is 
  • Offer inclination to incorporated sun based EPC


Om Solar Solutions – An Integrated Solar EPC Company in Kanpur

Om Solar Solutions is an integrated Solar EPC company providing quality and niche solar installation in UP. They offer end-to-end rooftop solar installation services along with great efficiency and resource management planning.

Contact our solar expert for any business related work or solutions you need in Uttar Pradesh!

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