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10 Most Common Asked Solar Energy Questions by Business Owners : Answered by Industry Expert
10 Most Common Asked Solar Energy Questions by Business Owners : Answered by Industry Expert
July 28, 2020

It is a fact that the solar industry is one of the richest sources of energy other than wind and water energy used for generating energy (electricity).

Hence, we are also familiar with the advantages, benefits, and characteristics of solar energy using solar panels.

But, did you know everything about solar energy? I mean do you know how solar panels actually work, what the cost of the maintenance is, how long solar panels long-last, how much electricity can you save yearly, etc.

Considering business owners thinking for installing solar power is a beneficial decision for business and business owners. Luckily, it’s a best cost-benefits strategy against cutting-expenses.

However, there might be common questions in the mind of entrepreneurs while thinking of solar panels installation in lucknow.

Here we are presenting to you the top ten commonly asked solar energy questions by business owners and answered by industry experts.

Read them all…!

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Q1. How Does The Solar Panel System Work?

It’s the most common question. The energy generation starts when solar panels absorb sunlight with photovoltaic cells, hence generating direct current (DC) energy and then converting it to usable alternating current (AC) energy with the help of inverter technology and thus energy distributed accordingly in home and business.

Q2. Do Solar Panels Work In Any Weather?

Although solar panels need daylight to make power, it doesn’t really need to be immediate daylight. For instance, the sun based boards can in any case retain the UV beams even on shady, blanketed, and blustery days.

Q3. Is Solar Power Reliable Enough to Power Business?

For whatever length of time that there is daylight, your solar panels will keep on producing power. Solar panels will work at 50% efficiency during the night or if there is an eclipse. Along these lines, we can say that sun powered force is solid.

Q4. What is The Cost of Installation?

Different solar panel systems will have different prices, as well as different installation costs. For rough estimation, 3Kw solar system price in uttar pradesh will cost you Rs 1.80 lac to 3.00 lac (depending on the type of connection you want).

Q5. How Durable Are The Solar Panels?

Answers given by more than tens of expertise, they say, solar panels may have a life of more than 20 years, frankly, say upto 25 years. Nonetheless, its life doesn’t get untilt by heavy weather or climate.

Q6. What Are Some Benefits of Solar Panels?

Leaving at once being a renewable source of energy that goes eco-friendly, solar panels have other benefits like: save on electricity cost, reliable and trustworthy, carbon footprint.

Q7. Will The Value of My Property Rise After The Installation?

Different examinations that have been done on property estimations show that installing a solar system on your property will absolutely build its cost. Be that as it may, the worth will possibly rise on the off chance that you bought the sun based board framework.

Q8. How Much Will You Pay Up-front?

Contingent upon the organization or the sort of sun oriented boards you need, the installment structures may shift altogether.

Q9. Are There Any Rebates Or Incentives Available?

The answer is yes. For the individuals who introduce sun based boards on their property, they fit the bill for a 30% government ITC (speculation charge credit). Likewise, different regions and states offer various motivations and discounts, which will expand your investment funds.

Q10. Is There Any Other Solar Equipment Available For My Property?

In the sun oriented force industry, there is considerably more gear to profit by solar panels. Some of the includes sunlight based water radiators, sun based fences, and sun powered screens, among others. Every one of these things intend to improve the vitality productivity at your property

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